As a coach or trainer, do you know why some players perform better in practice than during the game? If so, do you know how to turn this around? Why do some athletes crumble under pressure and can’t seemingly deal with their own or others expectations? Why can’t sports professionals overcome mental obstacles?

A great coach or trainer is invaluable to the success of a sports individual or team. With attributes such as determination, leadership, technical and tactical knowledge you can turn exciting prospects into fantastic players. Many coaches and trainers are now appreciating how powerful mental training can be in establishing winning mindsets in the sports persons they work with. Imagine learning these success mental techniques and also additional tools to eliminate negative emotions attached to stressful or traumatic experiences forever?

I enjoy working with Coaches, Trainers and Caddies because they are motivated to help their sports individuals and teams to be better.

Topics covered during the 2 day workshop are:

  • Eliminate any negative emotions that have attached themselves to previous stressful or traumatic experiences?
  • Creating an internal state of mind required for peak performance?
  • Improve team dynamic, understand how each player responds to different types of communication and how make them tick?
  • Uncover mental game obstacles and develop strategies to overcome these?
  • Instilling confidence, focus and composure in your sports individual or team?
  • Boost players performance during a game – bringing out players full potential and encourage them to give their best ever performances?

You will leave this two-day course being able to immediately put into action what you have learnt and you will show results!

If you are interested in any of the above and would like to learn so much more, then please contact me.